Apple aims to wield news as AI training for better models.


Apple is reportedly in talks with major news publishers, including Condé Nast and NBC News, to license their news archives and use the information to train its generative AI systems. The company is said to be discussing multiyear deals worth at least $50 million. However, the response from publishers has been mixed, with concerns about legal liabilities and Apple’s vague plans for news and AI. Apple’s recent AI efforts have focused on catching up with rivals such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. The company has been investing millions of dollars a day in AI, released a machine learning framework for Apple Silicon, and is working on optimizing the ability to run large language models on phones.


Apple’s potential partnership with news organizations for AI training purposes is not unique, as OpenAI has already signed deals with the Associated Press and Politico parent company Axel Springer. Google is also working on AI-powered tools to assist journalists.