Always adapt to new changes in music – Sharon den Adel.


Dutch metal band Within Temptation recently used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create the videos for their singles “Bleed Out” and “Wireless”. In an interview, vocalist Sharon Den Adel discussed the band’s decision and the concerns surrounding AI. She emphasized the need for laws to regulate AI use and prevent misuse. Den Adel also explained the process of creating the AI videos, which required the involvement of an AI expert and took one and a half months to complete. She acknowledged the challenges and adjustments that come with using AI but praised the opportunities it provides for creativity. Within Temptation’s latest album, “Bleed Out,” was released in October 2023.

Key Elements:

  • Within Temptation used AI technology to create videos for their singles
  • Vocalist Sharon Den Adel discussed concerns about AI and the need for regulations
  • The process of creating the AI videos involved an AI expert and took one and a half months
  • AI provides opportunities for creativity but requires adjustments and additional work
  • “Bleed Out” is Within Temptation’s latest album released in October 2023