AI transforms, embodies Marilyn Monroe in cutting-edge tech at SXSW.


  • Authentic Brands Group partnered with Soul Machines to create “Digital Marilyn” using artificial intelligence.
  • Digital Marilyn interacts with fans in real-time with Marilyn Monroe’s voice and affectations.

The AI version of Marilyn Monroe, known as Digital Marilyn, was unveiled at SXSW. This project is a partnership between Authentic Brands Group and Soul Machines, aiming to offer a unique and personalized engagement opportunity for fans and brands. Digital Marilyn uses advanced natural language processing, deep learning, and GPT 3.5 to interact with fans in real-time, using Marilyn Monroe’s voice and affectations to share anecdotes and deliver personalized greetings.

The collaboration between Authentic Brands Group and Soul Machines showcases the transformative power of AI in connecting brands and consumers. It allows an iconic personality like Marilyn Monroe to come to life through engaging dialogues and emotional intelligence, giving fans a glimpse into the future of immersive interactions. The exclusive first look at Digital Marilyn was revealed at SXSW, sparking both excitement and backlash on social media.

Soul Machines, a company known for creating digital celebrities, has previously worked on projects involving other notable figures like Carmelo Anthony, Jack Nicklaus, and others. The unveiling of Digital Marilyn has reignited discussions about the role of AI in the entertainment industry, with concerns raised about the potential impact of such technology. Despite the excitement surrounding AI advancements, there are also calls for regulations to protect the industry and its stakeholders.

While Digital Marilyn represents a significant technological achievement, it also raises questions about the ethical considerations of using AI to recreate iconic personalities. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, the debate around AI’s role in shaping the future landscape of media and entertainment will likely intensify.