AI: the doubt of countless coders.


– Many software developers believe that AI will reduce their workload and are eager to use it.
– However, some developers do not trust AI and find it unreliable or inefficient.
– The report also found growing concerns about job security among developers.

Most software developers have an optimistic view of artificial intelligence (AI) and believe it will reduce their workload, according to a report from technical hiring platform CoderPad. The report, titled “State of Tech Hiring 2024,” surveyed over 13,000 developers from 149 countries and found that 70% of developers believe AI will help reduce their workload, while 60% want to use AI more in their jobs.

Developers expressed confidence in AI-assisted tools, such as code assistance, learning and tutorials, auto-completion, code generation, and documentation and API support. They reported using AI to automate tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming, such as writing code and creating scripts.

Despite the optimism, the report found that 29% of developers do not trust AI, and 28% reported that their employers are against using AI. A quarter of developers find AI to be unreliable or inefficient, while a third consider the use of AI during interviews or technical tests to be cheating.

Job security is also a growing concern among developers, with 21% feeling less secure in their jobs compared to a year ago. Close to half of developers are considering leaving their jobs within the next 12 months.

The report also highlighted other findings, such as 36% of developers stating they are not interested in taking on managerial responsibilities, and 75% indicating satisfaction with their current management.

Overall, the report suggests that while developers see the potential benefits of AI in their work, there is still a level of skepticism and concerns about the reliability and job security implications of AI.