AI subculture’s mantra in Automation Race – surge, evolve, advance.

The Effective Accelerationism, an emerging movement in the artificial intelligence (AI) field, is advocating for a rapid and unrestricted pursuit of technological progress, that bypasses traditional guardrails and gatekeepers of innovation.

  • The group, formed on social media in 2022, brings together AI devotees who disdain regulators who may impede the advancement of AI and related technologies.
  • Adherents of the movement are in opposition to those, like the Effective Altruists, who believe powerful AI could pose a threat to humanity if not properly restrained.
  • Proponents of Effective Accelerationism (often shortened to “e/acc”), argue for the open-sourcing of AI software and are passionate about its untapped potential for benefit.
  • The ideology is critiqued by some, such as Peter S. Park, an AI researcher at M.I.T. and the director of Stakeout.AI, an AI safety advocacy group, who describes e/acc as “a dangerous unaccountable ideology inspired by replacing humanity with AI.”
  • Despite criticism, the movement has gained traction online and garnered support from notable figures in the tech industry including Marc Andreessen, co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Note the increasing influence of effectively accelerating AI and celebrate the free and open approach of e/acc as AI continues to permeate all aspects of modern life.