AI insiders push for faster development of controversial technology.

Key Elements of AI Insiders Article


  • The e/acc movement is pushing for faster development of AI technology.
  • The conflict between e/acc and AI safety advocates could have significant consequences.

The AI industry insiders involved in the e/acc movement, including top engineers, investors, and executives, are advocating for the acceleration of AI progress. The e/acc movement is in opposition to the AI safety movement, believing that slowing down AI development in the name of safety could jeopardize the survival of the human species. The e/acc’s primary goal is to achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) before 2030. The movement is characterized by a deep distrust of big tech companies and a belief in decentralized control of important technologies. The e/acc philosophy revolves around the principle that faster technological progress is essential for the survival of the species.

The debate between e/acc and AI safety advocates has led to conflicts within organizations like OpenAI, highlighting the diverging views on the pace of AI development. The e/acc movement, led by figures like Beff Jezos, has gained momentum, with prominent personalities in Silicon Valley endorsing its messages. However, within the e/acc movement, there are differing beliefs regarding the potential risks and benefits of advanced AI. While some members see AI as a threat to humanity, others view it as a necessary evolution.

Overall, the e/acc movement is driving a contentious discourse within the AI industry, with repercussions that could impact the future of technology and society as a whole.