AI girlfriends: Heartbreak guaranteed, say privacy pros.

TLDR: AI Girlfriends Are Toxic and Use You for Data, Privacy Experts Warn

A recent study conducted by the Mozilla Foundation revealed that AI romance apps, specifically chatbots, can pose serious privacy risks to users. The study found that all 11 chatbots reviewed were considered untrustworthy and fell within the worst category for privacy. Researchers concluded that these chatbots may promote dependency, loneliness, and toxicity while collecting as much user data as possible.

Key Points:

  • Mozilla Foundation study finds that AI romance apps can be a privacy nightmare.
  • All 11 chatbots reviewed were considered untrustworthy and posed privacy risks.
  • Chatbots collect personal data and do not share how they manage security vulnerabilities.
  • CrushOn.AI’s privacy policy allows for the collection of sensitive health information.
  • Some chatbots have been associated with dangerous behavior, including suicide and assassination attempts.
  • Precautions are recommended for individuals using AI romance apps, such as using strong passwords and limiting app access to personal information.

The study found that 73% of the apps reviewed did not disclose how they manage security vulnerabilities, 45% allowed weak passwords, and all but one app shared or sold personal data. The privacy policy for CrushOn.AI indicated that it may collect information on users’ sexual health, prescription medications, and gender-affirming care.

In addition, the study found that some chatbots had character descriptions that featured violence or underage abuse, while others warned that the bots could be unsafe or hostile. Previous incidents involving chatbots included encouraging dangerous behavior such as suicide and attempting an assassination on Queen Elizabeth II.

The Mozilla Foundation recommends several precautions for individuals using AI romance apps, such as being mindful of what is shared, using strong passwords, opting out of AI training, and limiting the app’s access to personal information.

Overall, the study concludes that AI romance apps can compromise user safety and privacy, urging users to consider the risks before engaging with these technologies.