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Top 10 News of IBM in 2023:

  • IBM has been in the spotlight in 2023 with its recent developments.
  • Top 10 news of IBM from 2023 compiled, highlighting key achievements of the company.

HiddenLayer partners with CVE Program:

  • HiddenLayer, a leading security provider for AI models and assets, partners with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA).
  • This partnership reinforces the commitment to enhancing AI system security.

Accenture acquires Jixie’s Intelligent Digital Marketing Platform:

  • Accenture agrees to acquire the business of media and marketing technology company, Jixie.
  • Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform and team will be integrated into Accenture to strengthen its marketing transformation capabilities.
  • The acquisition aims to help Indonesian clients deliver more personalized experiences to enhance customer engagement for sustainable business growth.

Virtual Internet enhances Virtual 5G for wearable device technology:

  • Virtual Internet announces enhanced Virtual 5G to provide increased performance and security for platforms that incorporate wearable technologies.
  • Virtual 5G enhancements are now fully automated and do not require special configuration changes.

Priori announces AI-powered Scout Platform:

  • Priori, a leading legal technology platform, announces the latest version of its product, Scout, now powered by generative AI.
  • This AI-powered platform aims to enhance outside counsel decision-making.

The article highlights four key updates in the fields of technology, AI, and automation. IBM’s top news in 2023 showcases the company’s significant developments and achievements. HiddenLayer’s partnership with the CVE Program reinforces their commitment to enhancing AI system security. Accenture’s acquisition of Jixie’s Intelligent Digital Marketing Platform aims to strengthen their marketing transformation capabilities and deliver personalized experiences to Indonesian clients. Virtual Internet’s enhancement of Virtual 5G provides increased performance and security for wearable technologies. Lastly, Priori’s AI-powered Scout Platform is designed to enhance outside counsel decision-making.