AI and ETFs set to fuel Bitcoin’s golden decade – Michael Saylor

Key Elements of Bitcoin Gold Rush Article


  • Institutions competing for Bitcoin due to limited supply until 2034
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs triggering institutional adoption

AI, ETFs will power a decade-long ‘gold rush’ for Bitcoin — Michael Saylor

Institutions are in a gold rush for Bitcoin, according to Michael Saylor. He predicts a high growth institutional adoption fueled by Spot Bitcoin ETFs. By 2034, 99% of Bitcoin will be mined, marking the start of a growth phase. Saylor also highlights the role of autonomous AI in driving demand for Bitcoin, especially in securing the internet against bad actors. Investment strategist, Lyn Alden, adds that nation-states embracing Bitcoin can create more financial hubs, driving capital into those countries over the long term.

Saylor emphasizes the increasing role of Bitcoin in AI-driven applications and energy demands. While some countries fear Bitcoin might threaten their own currency, others are embracing it as a powerful tool. Lawrence Lepard notes that capital controls from oppressive regimes drive adoption, as seen in Nigeria. The article also mentions Tether expanding its energy investments and El Salvador potentially becoming a global energy and Bitcoin hub.