Agencies thrive on AI: Transparency, Anticipation, Commerce in 2024!

Agencies are hoping that AI will help with content transparency, anticipation, and commerce in 2024. The growing prevalence of generative AI means that it will have a bigger impact on marketing, from content development to consumer trends. One key area that will be affected is content transparency and the need for data governance and regulation compliance. In response to concerns about brand safety, fraud, and content transparency, platforms must balance cutting-edge experiences with data protection to lead the industry in 2024. President Biden’s executive order in October set new standards and privacy strategies for AI, and companies may be required to label AI-generated content to protect consumers from potential fraud and deception. Tagging AI-generated content can help increase brand trust and consumers are becoming more aware of the presence of AI and more skeptical about whether the content they consume is created by a human or not. AI also offers opportunities for agencies to focus on consumer prediction and anticipation, allowing for the development of simulated groups that can serve as large focus groups for cost-effective prediction of how real consumers will likely react to various marketing activities. It can provide insights into the impact of selecting new media channels or messaging campaigns, allowing agencies to glean insights in seconds rather than weeks or months. AI can also help agencies and marketers anticipate people’s future needs before they ask for them, allowing for more personalized experiences and building brand loyalty. Finally, AI-generated content will shape consumers’ shopping experiences on social media platforms. AI-produced content will appear in personalized product recommendations and interactive shopping guides, offering real-time customization and a new layer of engagement and authenticity to the shopping experience.