7 fantastic AI prompts from Google Gemini for your weekend!

7 Great Google Gemini AI Prompts to Try This Weekend


Spring is in the air, and with the changing season, it’s a great time to try out some AI prompts using Google Gemini. Here are 7 prompts to inspire you:

  • Imagine a field of flowers
  • Food for the picnic

Google Gemini is a powerful AI tool that can offer inspiration and creativity. Follow these prompts to engage with the AI and spark your imagination this weekend.

7 Great Google Gemini AI Prompts to Try This Weekend

Spring is in the air, the trees are starting to become more green and the weather is getting warmer in the northern hemisphere. As thoughts turn to picnics and outdoor adventure, why not turn to technology for inspirational ways to mark the changing season? Google Gemini is an incredibly power artificial intelligence tool, but as with any tool, you can often suffer from the same “blank page problem” when opening it for the first time ever — or even the first time in a day. That is in part why I created the Prompt_Jitsu column. A way to share prompt ideas that anyone can try and possibly get inspiration to do something fun.

This week I am turning to Google Gemini again, but with the idea of spring as inspiration. Prompting Google Gemini can be hit and miss, but I’ve tested these prompts in the free and Gemini Advanced versions of the Google chatbot and they worked fairly well. Here are the 7 prompts to try:

  1. Imagine a field of flowers
  2. Food for the picnic
  3. A day with the kids
  4. A story to tell
  5. Design my garden
  6. A poem — but make it short
  7. Going on a hiking trail

Each prompt offers a unique creative exercise that can spark your imagination and engagement with the Google Gemini AI. From generating images to creating recipes for a picnic, planning a family day out, writing a story or haiku, designing a garden, and even getting hiking trail recommendations, these prompts provide a variety of activities to try out this weekend.