5 huge AI analyst moves: Apple-Baidu partnership due to regulations.


Key points:

  • Apple partners with Baidu for AI collaboration due to regulatory concerns
  • Wedbush raises Microsoft’s price target on bullish Copilot outlook

5 Big Analyst AI Moves: Apple-Baidu Collaboration ‘Driven by Regulatory Concerns’

Financial analysts are making significant moves in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Here are the key elements of this week’s developments:

Apple-Baidu Collaboration:

Apple’s partnership with Baidu in AI initiatives is largely driven by regulatory concerns, with the plan to integrate Baidu’s ERNIE Bot for iOS18. This move is seen as a response to China’s AI regulation requirements.

Microsoft Outlook:

Wedbush has increased Microsoft’s price target based on a positive outlook for Copilot, predicting significant AI adoption within the next three years and potential revenue growth by 2025.

TSMC Strength:

Bank of America raised its target price for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) based on demand for advanced nodes driven by AI, computing power, and energy efficiency. TSMC’s role in the AI era is highlighted.

Adobe Innovations:

Adobe’s recent product innovations aimed at enterprise workflows indicate its stature in workflow solutions. BMO Capital Markets sees growth potential for Adobe in the long term based on its recent developments.

AI Startup Trends:

Macquarie analysts observe a “shakeout” phase in the foundational AI model market, impacting startups. Disruptions are expected to continue as companies adapt to rapid innovation. Additionally, Apple’s AI advancements are highlighted.