2024: Let’s Embrace the Future of AI!

The key elements of this article are:

  • Generative AI will continue to be a major focus in 2024 and will be embedded into various applications.
  • There will be raised expectations for all AI applications due to the prevalence of generative AI.
  • Vendors will try to capitalize on the AI hype by adding AI features to their products.
  • AI laws and regulations will become stricter in 2024, particularly regarding generative AI.
  • There will be a shift from AI euphoria to AI realism as the limitations and misuses of AI become apparent.
  • The job market for AI specialists may decline as AI becomes more accessible to a wider range of job roles.
  • AI project management will become more important as the emphasis shifts to effectively implementing AI solutions.

Looking ahead to AI in 2024, generative AI is expected to continue being a prominent technology. It has seen significant development in the past year and will likely remain a star of the show in the coming year. Generative AI will be embedded into various software, hardware devices, and applications, making it easily accessible.

With generative AI becoming more prevalent, there will be raised expectations for other AI applications. People will expect the same ease of use and accessibility as generative AI, even for more complex AI technologies such as autonomous vehicles and predictive analytics. However, these technologies may still be challenging to implement.

In the AI marketplace, vendors will try to capitalize on the AI hype by adding AI features to their products. This may involve incorporating generative AI or other simple-to-embed AI technologies into their solutions. However, this approach may lead to dissatisfaction among users who expected something new but ended up with the same old product with a dash of AI.

AI laws and regulations are expected to become tougher in 2024. While it may be difficult to fully regulate generative AI due to its widespread use, efforts will be made to impose restrictions on its use and embedding in certain situations. The misuse of generative AI for purposes such as generating fake news or social media content may further drive calls for regulation.

The initial euphoria surrounding AI is likely to give way to realism in 2024. Overhyped AI solutions, increasing regulation, and the watering down of generative AI may lead to a more cautious attitude towards AI. Job roles in the field of AI may shift from highly specialized positions to more common job roles as AI becomes more accessible to a wider range of professionals. AI project management is also expected to become more important as organizations realize the importance of effectively implementing AI solutions.