2023 Report: Contact centres transformed by AI-based automation.

In a comprehensive study conducted by Ozonetel, it was found that AI-based automation has significantly changed contact center performance in 2023. The study analyzed a sample of 10 million calls made on Ozonetel’s CCaaS platform across various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, insurance, and more.

The report highlights the advancements in customer experience and the evolving role of contact centers in the customer journey. AI technology has enabled contact center agents to have high-value conversations with customers at strategic points in the customer journey. Additionally, AI equips agents with the right knowledge to deepen customer relationships and drive business growth.

One key finding from the study is that AI-enabled conversational Intelligence has reduced the average talk time for agents. In 2023, the average talk time is expected to be 2.64 minutes, compared to 3.7 minutes in 2022 and 4.3 minutes in 2019. This improvement in efficiency allows agents to handle more calls and focus on more complex customer issues.

Overall, the study demonstrates the positive impact of AI-based automation on contact center performance, highlighting the potential for enhanced customer experience and business growth.