2 Reducing Stress: AI’s Journey to Personal Bliss


– The author discusses how they have used AI to reduce stress in their professional and personal life.
– AI has helped the author in planning and managing stress indicators effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable tool in both the personal and professional life of the author. They first realized the profound importance of AI during a stressful period in their career. Recognizing early signs of excessive stress, the author turned to AI for assistance in managing and alleviating their stress.

Using AI for daily planning, the author was able to foresee and manage stress indicators effectively. They scheduled nature excursions through AI-assisted analysis and planning, which had a significant positive impact on reducing stress. This experience opened their eyes to the incredible utility of AI in both professional and personal planning.

The author emphasizes the transformative role of AI in personal well-being. The foresight provided by AI allowed them to take control of their well-being, which they had previously thought was out of their hands. They utilized generative AI and tools like Notion to analyze patterns in their life contributing to stress. This analysis, done daily during breakfast, helped them manage their workload and redesign their life for better health, productivity, and happiness.

The author expresses immense gratitude towards AI for improving their life and changing their perspective on approaching life’s challenges. They are confident in their continued usage of AI and plan to evolve their usage to become even more effective.

In terms of daily life, the author describes AI as revolutionary. It brings simplicity and adaptability to planning various aspects of life, from workouts to work schedules, meals, and relaxation activities. AI has become a steadfast ally in creating adaptable plans for the author’s daily routines.

Overall, the author’s personal journey with AI highlights the significant role it plays in reducing stress and improving well-being. They credit AI with providing foresight, control, and adaptability in their life planning, ultimately leading to greater happiness and productivity.