$1.5 billion AI firm creating ‘General Purpose Brain’ for robots.


Skild AI has raised $300 million to continue building its plug-and-play robotic intelligence with the hope of enabling companies to integrate it into robots of all kinds. The company aims to create a “general purpose brain” for AI that can be applied to various robots for tasks like climbing, walking, identifying items, and more. Skild AI’s model is trained on a massive database of text, images, and video that is 1000 times larger than its rivals, giving it a competitive edge in the robotics market.

Key Elements:

  • Skild AI founded in 2023 by former Carnegie Mellon University professors to create a “general purpose brain” for robots
  • Raised $300 million in Series A funding round led by Lightspeed Ventures, Softbank, Coatue, and Jeff Bezos
  • Model trained on a huge database of text, images, and video, enabling robots to perform tasks they were not explicitly taught
  • Access to large amounts of data sets Skild AI apart in the robotics industry
  • Company aims to achieve artificial general intelligence for robots that can interact with humans in the physical world

Skild AI’s innovative approach to creating a flexible and adaptable intelligence for robots shows promising potential in revolutionizing the robotics industry with its “general purpose brain.” By leveraging massive data sets and emphasizing the importance of access to diverse information, the company is paving the way for advancements in AI and robotics that could rival or surpass human capabilities in the near future.